Want to sell online?

SWAG Imports can source quality products factory-direct at rock-bottom prices with the lowest minimum order quantities.

And we will teach you everything you need to know about selling online as well as sourcing your own products. 

With an established A+ Rating with BBB since 2010, you can rest assured that all transactions are handled with personal attention and utmost integrity.

SWAG Imports is a BBB Accredited Wholesaler and Distributor in Bossier City, LA

Your Team

Originally established in 2003, SWAG Imports is family owned and operated. SWAG stands for Shelly W. and Alex G. - Two Aspies (mom and son).

We source and supply individuals and small businesses with wholesale products with low minimum order quantities. Aside from providing top-rated service and rock-bottom prices, we want to help our consumers SUCCEED!  

We have received a large number of inquiries for detailed advice and training to get business going. So we decided to build an online course to share our knowledge in-depth.

Want to learn how to make a profit selling online?

We will teach you everything you need to know, including:

  • How to pick the best products to sell
  • How to source your own products
  • How to pre-qualify your suppliers to minimize risk
  • Best marketplaces to start selling online
  • How to set up your accounts and products online
  • The inside scoop on all the hidden fees involved
  • How to do all the math BEFORE you invest 

Wholesale Sourcing and Supply

If you want rock-bottom pricing on products for resale while avoiding the high risk of dealing with suppliers overseas, we do all the legwork for you.

Our primary line of business is providing you with worry-free U.S. based transactions, while leveraging our global network of reliable manufacturers to fulfill your bulk purchasing needs. Just let us know what you need.

As mentioned, SWAG is not indicative of any particular product genre. We source what you need and secure the best prices with the lowest minimum order quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary focus is B2B (Business to Business) wholesale. We source and supply local retailers with product to support their bulk purchasing needs. We do also distribute excess inventory via several ecommerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

We can source and supply almost anything. General merchandise, specialty items, electronics, human hair, apparel, coffee, self defense items (stuns guns, pepper spray). You name it!

We mainly support individuals with small to medium business needs.

Typically, larger companies and chain stores (like Walmart) will have in-house dedicated buyers and preferred suppliers/vendors. Sometimes buyers will outsource and put out RFQs (Requests for Quotes) when the demand for a product is beyond what their preferred suppliers can accommodate. In those cases, we would participate in sourcing product at that level.

Whether you sell one product, or many...finding a good and reliable manufacturer/supplier is key. But it can be risky and expensive (especially when importing product from China). SWAG Imports does the research for you and pre-qualifies manufacturers prior to doing business with them.

We already have relationships with many reliable global manufacturers. You can leverage those relationships and our buying power to ensure you are getting good quality product at the lowest cost. This allows you to spend more time running your business, and provides the convenience of US based transactions.

The risks involved with buying directly from a manufacturer include, but are not limited to: Receiving product that is not to specification, receiving poor quality product that is not as described, not being able to get a refund on these items, severely delayed product shipment, not receiving product at all. And the list goes on.

SWAG Imports reduces these risks for your business by taking the time required to research these manufacturers and pre-qualify them prior to placing an order and making payment. We have existing relationships with global manufacturers who have already proven their reliability. Our buying power includes buying PROTECTION. Which means your purchases are covered in the cases listed above.

Allowing us to source and supply product for your business also ensures that you are getting optimal pricing on quality product. After pre-qualifying new vendors, we filter through up to 50 quotes before making selections.

No, there is no fee for quotes. However, we do require a sample purchase prior to granting online access to our entire catalog and wholesale pricing (in the Wholesale Members Only area). Some information about your business and business needs will also be required prior to initiating our sourcing process for new products (general info, business email, website, etc.).

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